What are the benefits of building with steel?

Steel is one of the most cost effective mid-rise structural materials available. Along with cost savings in material alone building with steel generally enables builders to achieve shorter and more predictable construction schedules. 

Is building with steel environmentally friendly?

Yes, steel is 100% recyclable and produces less scrap waste than building with lumbar (according to the Steel Framing Alliance steel produces 2% scrap waste compared to 20% for lumbar) .

Is building with steel more structurally sound?

Yes, building with steel is more structurally sound, in fact steel generally produces less foundation problems, has less probability of incurring damage during earthquakes due to stronger connections, is fire resistant, not vulnerable to termites, mold or fungi and has less probability of damage in high winds.

Are there discounts for building with steel?

Yes, in many cases builders will receive discounts on builders risk insurance premiums when building with steel.