While builders are beginning to realize the many benefits of building with steel ensuring that your project adheres to many of the comprehensive provisions as it relates to steel framing (found in the IIC and IRC guidelines) can be a formidable task. Our team of professionals have years of experience in understanding these governing codes in steel frame design and engineering. Understanding the various aspects of building with steel can help ensure that your project whether residential, industrial or commercial is done right from the beginning. In turn this saves builders time and money throughout the construction life cycle. If done properly building with steel can help reduce construction time by up to 3 months for a mid-rise project (source: steelframing.org) Clients that work with Smart Steel Structures can leverage our knowledge when it comes to some of the following key design and engineering components for their steel projects:

  • Electrical Panel Schedule and Layout
  • Plumbing Layouts
  • Mechanical Engineering and Layouts
  • MEP Schedules
  • Energy Calculations

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